About us

Clouds7 endeavours to offer highly professional event management support. We conduct events with self propertied lighting, decoration, landscaping and much more. If you are looking for an event management services, Clouds7 is your safest bet for organizing an event at your convenience and budget with punctuality, precision and efficiency. We conduct events with creativity, supervision and collect feedback forms from our customers to add charm to any event that we organize. We know each corner of Cochin to provide exquisite locations to courier your events, making them memorable.
With its members who has a decade and a half experience in event management area, Clouds7 had put in place systems and practices for effective delivery. In the near future, Clouds7 plans to broaden its scope of service by adding more retail, corporate & service verticals to its roster. View Portfolio


Shiju PC, is CEO of TheClouds7. A founding member. He is married to abc, a professional accountant. During his 10 year career, Shiju PC has gained a wealth of experience in a wide range of event disciplines, managing the process from concept to completion. Mr. Shiju always delivers a high level of service, creativity and industry expertise. She has a reputation for strong analytical and negotiation skills, with a proven track record for delivering excellent results within budget.

Sreekumar. Managing Partner. A founding member. Mr. Sreekumar has particular expertise in managing high volume and complex logistics for programs and has overseen events across the Middle East and Asia on behalf of international organizations.

Anoop Chacko. Managing Partner. A founding member. He has been the primary planner for many international programs since 2000.

Gopinath. Manager. A founding member. Gopinath’s role is to oversee the day-to-day operations of all programs..